Here’s what editors, authors, producers, and hosts are saying:

“Kathleen Campbell is head and shoulders above her peers. She made it her business to get to know our show. When Kathleen calls with a pitch I say ‘Yes’ because of the quality of her work. Unfortunately, for the industry, there is only one Kathleen Campbell. Fortunately for the Louie Free Show, she works with us!”—Louie Free, host The Louie Free Radio Show

“It’s been my privilege to work with a number of publicists over a 25 year writing career. Kathleen Campbell is in the top 1% of the best I’ve ever worked with, both in secular and Christian agencies, in terms of professionalism, reach, follow-through and getting that important interview. I highly recommend her to you.”—John Trent, Ph.D., President, The Center for Strong Families

“Wow, Kathleen. You are a producer’s dream! You made my job so easy providing all the information in short order!”—Danielle Cravatt, Producer, The Michael Reagan Radio Show

“Kathleen you’re excellent – thanks for making this happen. Thanks so much for your quick work!”—John Hall, Producer/Host, WORD-FM Pittsburgh

Mark and Kathy Hillman with Kathleen Campbell in the middle at a convention

“As novice authors, Kathy and I knew nothing about promoting our first book. Through the perseverance and diligence of Kathleen Campbell, she obtained multiple publicity venues for Devotions from the World of Sports including radio, television, newspapers and Internet websites. Without a doubt, her talents as a publicist contributed to our work ranking number one on CBA Marketplace Magazine’s Teen & Youth Bestseller List.”—Authors John & Kathy Hillman

“Kathleen Campbell is a PR gem! Her warmth, sense of humor, boundless energy, and organizational skill makes her one of the best in the business. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for an experienced professional of the highest caliber.”—Lee Hough, Literary Agent, Alive Communications

“I admire and respect Kathleen Campbell for her uncommon creativity, her effective work with authors, publishers, and the media, her commitment to serve clients, and her promotional and public relations savvy. She can make good things happen.”—Leonard G. Goss, President and CEO of Good Editors

“Campbell Public Relations is off and running and if you want to keep the pace, you need Kathleen Campbell by your side. Kathleen will help you slip past your competition, join the winner’s circle, and develop all the connections you need to stay on top of a highly competitive and growing industry. Kathleen’s vast experience, her heart for you and your work, and her deep faith in God will make her an asset to you for years to come. She’s simply the best!”—Karen Moore Artl, Author

“Kathleen Campbell is by far one of the best publicists that I have worked with. She got me so many interviews I had to ask her to stop because my schedule couldn’t handle it.”—Norm Wright, Author

“Kathleen Campbell is a real gem! The best go getter of any publishing house I have ever worked with. She is worth her weight in gold!”—Dr. Ross Campbell, Author

“Kathleen’s enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude is a blessing all around. Her expertise brings a broad knowledge of client need and an intuitive sense of perfect timing.”—Dolley Carlson, Author

“Kathleen Campbell is a dynamite publicist, full of energy, grace, and warmth.”—Debra White Smith, Author

“Kathleen is so great she has spoiled me for working with any other publicist. I know she had so many titles to promote but she always made me feel like I was her ONLY client—and she got results beyond what I’d dreamed possible.”—Kali Schnieders, Author

“Kathleen Campbell has all it takes to make the greatest of publicists— knowledge, contacts, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a great big smile! Not only does she get the word out about you and your work, she also makes sure you enjoy the process. She is the absolute best!”—Brenda Waggoner, Author

“Kathleen Campbell showed me what it meant to actually have a skilled public relations specialist aggressively market a book.  My only regret is that I did not find her sooner…”
—Paula Rinehart, Author

“Kathleen is the consummate professional. She’s got it all when it comes to promoting your business–pizazz, enthusiasm, great contacts, and perseverance.”–Patti Townley-Covert, Communications Coach

“Kathleen Campbell is the kind of publicist that you want but is too rare in media: She gets it! The dozens of clients that Kathleen booked on my nationally syndicated radio program were prepared and I was prepared to ask the right questions because Kathleen believed in the product, the personality and was detailed in conveying the message.  One thing I always do when I work with a Campbell Public Relations author, speaker, or musician, I read her brief, and all the other materials that Kathleen hands to me in her patented green folder. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who needs a great publicist.”–Richard Beattie, Media Representative, Focus on the Family

“Kathleen is a pleasure to work with and she worked hard to get excellent results when marketing my book.She has been a generous and insightful colleague as we’ve stayed in touch over the years. I highly value her insight and experience.”–Ed Cyzewski, Author, Communications Professional, Editor, Blogger