About Kathleen


With over a decade of experience specializing in literary publicity, Kathleen M. Campbell has the knowledge, key media relationships, and the insight to develop a publicity campaign that is effective in today’s crowded multimedia world.
Our goal is to enhance the reputation and profitability of each client through expanded media presence.
Public relations is the practice of seeking the third party validation of the news media with the goal of influencing the perceptions of media consumers.
Publicity is not “free advertising.”  Reporters and producers do not give away print space or airtime unless there is something newsworthy, particularly interesting, or your product relates in a timely way to current events.
A carefully planned and executed public relations campaign is the key to increase the probability for article placement for print publications and for the Internet, as well as television and radio segments about you and your work that will keep you from being lost in the sea of the 98%.
The return on investment for a publicity booking is four times the cost of a paid advertisement.
(Source: The Public Relations Society of America)