Campbell Public Relations, LLC–

The Complete Solution


President and CEO of Campbell Public Relations, Kathleen Campbell, is a nationally recognized public relations and communications professional specializing in literary publicity.
You know how authors struggle to get a book published and then work hard, hope and pray that their book will gain enough traction to be a #1 best seller?
Kathleen Campbell has the solution.
“I do this by utilizing a special ‘insider’s’ website and a unique press release format to guarantee media citation for any serious author or speaker.”
With this service you will have the authority to include something very valuable in your profile that your competition does not–the logo images¬† for NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox to use with:
  • your publicity photo
  • in all your media materials
  • post on your website
  • use with all your social media
“This catapults you from someone who could be a risk for a national media spot to someone who is a nationally recognized expert in your field.¬† It increases the probability that the media will choose you when looking for someone to interview or quote.”
Send Kathleen an email now for more information about her guaranteed Big 4 Media Citation offer, kcampbell@thecompletesolution.com.